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  • Are You Prepared to Try Solar Cooking?

    How game are you to get onto the solar energy bandwagon? Are you already solar-ed up the wazoo with solar panels, a solar water heater, solar garden lights and a solar charger or two? Or are you still waiting for the right opportunity to give solar technology a try? Perhaps the cost of solar energy […]

  • Energy Saving Tips for Your Swimming Pool

    Swimming pools are a blessing during hot South African summers. It’s difficult to imagine getting through temperatures in excess of 35°C without a nice refreshing dip. But pools can also be a curse. There are two reasons for this: 1) they require a lot of maintenance, which requires effort on the part of home owners, […]

  • Can Solar Heating Rival Natural Gas?

    Though solar continues to play second fiddle to wind and PV, Heliodyne CEO Ole Pilgaard believes the potential is there for solar power to capture a large proportion of the market when it comes to heating and cooling technologies. This belief is supported by “Solar Heating & Cooling: Energy for a Secure Future” – a […]