We’re looking to celebrate the world of Green online. We want to award people and sites that are passionate about and ready to stand up for eco-issues that are relevant to today’s cyber communities and the world beyond that. We won’t accept just any old sites – your website is your online face and we expect it to look eco-good!

With a strict set of criteria in mind our mission is to distinguish all the useless junk from the Golden Trash. If your site meets our high-standard of acceptance you could be in the running to proudly display your Golden Leaf Award on your homepage. The Golden Leaf button will link directly to our green directory and your prestigious rating on that directory.

Our Three Golden Leaves Award won’t be distributed too easily. You’ve got to work hard to earn your Leaves: low-level green content gets you 1 Golden Leaf, medium-level means 2 Golden Leaves and a high-level of active eco-content means you’ll be lucky enough to be awarded the highest Golden Trash Award – 3 Golden Leaves. Submit your website on our “Nomination Page” and your environmental efforts won’t go unnoticed.